We live today in a wasteful throwaway society where people would rather throw used or broken items in the bin rather than repair, repurpose and recycle them.
Of course, it's no secret that this attitude is slowly killing the planet on which we live - The only planet we have that's capable of sustaining life - so something has to be done, and fast.

Re-3 - or Refined Refashioned Reloved - is on a mission to rescue items of jewellery that are destined for dustbins and ultimately landfill sites, repair, rejuvenate, resparkle and restore them back to their former glory, and find them a second chance at life in a new forever home with someone who can give them the love and adoration they deserve.

Just as abandoned pets get rescued and rehomed with new loving families, we aim to do the same with jewellery.

At Re-3, we will be donating 20% of every sale to charity.
Our chosen charities will be predominantly animal charities, and at the moment we've chosen to help Four Paws UK who are assisting with rescuing lost and abandoned pets in the war torn Ukraine.

Most of the jewellery in Re-3 has been bought in job-lots of varying sizes, and has been meticulously sorted, cleaned, repaired where necessary, restored and finally checked for quality before being placed on display for sale.
We do however also welcome donations of jewellery job-lots from anyone who is having a clear out or making room for other things.

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