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Welcome to the brand new Bling Blog, and wow what a time we've chosen to make our inaugural post, as we've made some big changes and introduced some fantastic offers on the site.

First and foremost, I want to tell you all about our amazing new online shop which has replaced the old one, it's considerably faster, and a lot more secure.

It's now hosted by the same company who process all our card payments at the markets and all of our electronic invoices too - Square Payments, so everything has become way more streamlined and we can offer a lot more during your shopping experience.

The online inventory has been completely overhauled too, so it now reflects the amazing products you'll find each week on our market stalls. They're all available online now at the same great prices too.

Check them out here.

And that brings me to my next topic - Prices.

You know our prices are already fabulous, but for the next month they're getting even better with our May Madness promotion.

With promo code MAYMADNESS10 you'll get 10% off your online order total when you enter it at the checkout stage - but there's a small catch - it's only good for the first 100 uses, after which it will expire, so get in there quickly with your orders before someone else uses them all up.

You can jump the queue so to speak by clicking here. The link will take you to the online shop and will automatically apply the discount code for you.

There are Blingtastic Bargains to be had this month with the new promo code, but you'll need to get your skates on.

I want to get all environmental on you now if you don't mind.

In an effort to be more sustainable and kinder to the planet, Bling By Amanda has now, after a lengthy trial period of testing, switched over from using regular old mineral based epoxy resin to a completely new Bio-Epoxy which consists of 40% plant extracts. It's greener (not in colour), it's a far more renewable resource and we firmly believe it's where the future of the resin industry lies. Best of all though, the final product is virtually indistinguishable from old fashioned mineral epoxy - if anything it gives a slightly better finish.

The only down side is that it takes 72 hours to cure instead of the 24 hours you'd expect from any other epoxy, but that's a small price to pay to keep the planet breathing freely. We all have to do our bit after all.

If you're interested in learning more about the Bio Epoxy we use, check out this link.

Another amazing new product we've introduced this month is our Bling E-Gift Card.

This is the perfect gift for that person in your life who is just impossible to buy for (we all know one).

Our E-Gift Cards are redeemable anywhere in the world via our online store and also within Northern Ireland at any of the weekly markets and events we trade at.

You can easily find our schedule of markets right here.

You're probably asking yourself "Why an E-Gift Card? Why not offer physical cards?"

Well, the answer is simple. Sustainability and carbon footprints. The exact same reason we've switched to Bio-Epoxy resins.

By offering an E-Gift Card, it can be sent to the recipient in an email which contains the 16 digit code and even the barcode. It has everything that a physical card would have, but it has the added advantage of not using single use plastics.

Buying yours couldn't be simpler.

Simply click here, enter your details, enter the recipients details, pay however much you want, and within mere seconds the gift card will be in your loved one's email inbox and ready to spend.

You can buy as many as you like here.

Finally I'd like to sign off by thanking you for being a friend, a customer, a fan of BBA, and if you're one of our market regulars, a big thanks for coming to see us in person. We both love meeting you all at the weekends and we have many, many more planned.

Much love



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