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Treat your friends. Treat your loved ones. Treat your family. Reward your employees, or just Treat-Yo-Self with an amazing Bling By Amanda E-Gift Card.



Our E-Gift Cards are redeemable anywhere in the world via our online store and also within Northern Ireland at any of the weekly markets and events we trade at.
You can easily find our schedule of markets right here.


You're proably asking yourself "Why an E-Gift Card? Why not offer physical cards?"
Well, the answer is simple. Sustainability and carbon footprints. The exact same reason we've switched to Bio-Epoxy resins.
By offering an E-Gift Card, it can be sent to the recipient in an email which contains the 16 digit code and even the barcode. It has everything that a physical card would have, but it has the added advantage of not using single use plastics.


Buying yours couldn't be simpler.
Simply click here, enter your details, enter the recipients details, pay however much you want, and within mere seconds the gift card will be in your loved ones email inbox and ready to spend.


This is the perfect gift idea for those who are difficult to shop for, or when you've left it to the last minute to buy a gift.

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