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Everybody loves beautiful things.


Everybody loves to give beautiful things to a loved one that shows how much they



Everybody loves to look at beautiful things in a shop window and think 'Ooooh

that's nice!'


Everybody wants something unique to them, something one of a kind.


Me? I LOVE beautiful things. I love MAKING beautiful things.




My name is Amanda Knox - not THE Amanda Knox! I'm from England and I've lived in the beautiful town of Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland since 1993.

I've loved jewellery from a very young age when I used to dress up in my mum's

clothes and wear her pearls, through my teenage years when I used to 'borrow'

her costume jewellery to wear at the school disco.

Due to recent redundancy, I've decided that instead of working for someone else,

I now want to work for myself.


I share a workshop with my husband and while he's busy making bespoke guitars

and ukuleles, I make beautiful, artisan and bespoke

jewellery, gifts and trinkets made from resin.

Every item has a secret ingredient - LOVE! Every item has been thought over,

planned, tested and re-tested until I'm totally 100% happy with it. I give

every single item my all and nothing gets seen by the public until every last inch of it is perfect! 


Every single item can be personalised and made to order - if you have a specific colour in mind, or you want glitter added, I'll do that for you! Plus if there's something bespoke you want made, I'll pull out every last stop to make your dream a reality.

So let your imagination run wild and drop me a line!

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